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Greetings, it's 민지[Minji] from 유행[Yuhaeng], here today with the latest update on our beloved land of K-hipsters.👋 How's the weather over where you live? Here in Korea, the chilly winter weather has given way to milder temperatures, and a warm energy lingers in the air.


Spring in Korea

From March through May, the weather in Korea is perfect for traveling. With the effects of COVID-19 gradually subsiding, why don't you come over to Korea this spring?✈️ I’ve noticed many international visitors have been posting ‘Travel to Korea Vlogs’ on Youtube recently, so I’ve prepared this guide for you on Hotspots where you can enjoy K-Culture!📍 If you're someone who loves K-POP and K-Content in general, I hope you'll have a go at this issue. Then without further ado, here's your digital guide!

🏬Enjoy K-Culture and satisfy your shopping needs! 더현대 서울(The Hyundai Seoul)

We can't leave out shopping when talking about travel.🛍️ If you love shopping and being immersed in K-culture, try visiting 더현대 서울(The Hyundai Seoul). Unlike a standard luxury department store, The Hyundai Seoul is loved for its differentiated operating strategy, housing a carefully curated selection of hipster-approved brands and providing a rest area as expansive as its shopping space. Even though it’s a relatively new department store that has been open for only two years, it’s definitely #1 in sheer presence and impact.👍 Perhaps because of its distinctive image, The Hyundai Seoul boasts the highest sales from foreigners out of all Korea’s department stores.

The Hyundai Seoul frequently runs pop-up stores dedicated to different K-POP artists. And these stores are big news – just look at the pop-up store launched by New Jeans during their debut. As befitting of a group which is emerging to be one of this generation’s hottest acts, the shop’s opening generated a huge wave of excitement. Going forward, The Hyundai Seoul plans to run various pop-up stores in sync with idol groups’ debuts and comebacks.

🗺️How to go to 더현대 서울(The Hyundai Seoul)

The easiest way to get to The Hyundai Seoul, located in Yeouido at the center of Seoul, is by subway. After getting off at Yeouido Station, follow the moving walkway inside to enter the B2 floor of The Hyundai Seoul directly. Getting off at Yeouinaru Station isn’t a bad idea either. Simply take Exit 1 out of the station and walk about 400m; you’ll be right at the main entrance in no time. I guarantee that all the hipsters (including us!) on that route will be heading toward a single destination → The Hyundai Seoul!😁

🙌Hi from KoRea! Welcome to HiKR Ground!

Confident in your love for K-Content? If so, there’s a specific place I recommend you visit: HiKR Ground, a location operated by the Korea Tourism Organization. HiKR is a sort of acronym which combines the greeting ‘Hi’ with ‘Korea,’ and is meant to function as a salutation to all tourists visiting Korea. Here, all HiKR’s (pronounced: Hikers) interested in Korea can experience a variety of K-Content firsthand.

HiKR Ground

‘My Stage,’ located on ‘K-POP Ground’

(2nd floor of HiKR Ground)

HiKR Ground occupies a 5-story building, but personally, I enjoy the 2nd and 3rd floors the most. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the 2nd floor, which houses ‘K-POP Ground,’ is like paradise to those who love K-POP. Implementing an array of immersive technologies that blur the boundary between the real and virtual worlds, this K-POP music video studio is the best place to shoot pictures. Taking pictures in this setting will get you plenty of splendid and hip photos – it’ll be as if you’re in a music video yourself.

HiKR Ground

‘Dramatic Trip,’ section of the ‘HiKR Atrium’

(3rd floor of HiKR Ground)

At the ‘HiKR Atrium’ on the 3rd floor, you’ll find ‘Dramatic Trip,’ an exhibition space produced collaboratively by HiKR Ground and Netflix where you can soak in a selection of widely beloved K-dramas and movies at a glance. This exhibition hall was produced by HiKR Ground in collaboration with Netflix to allow visitors to absorb globally acclaimed K-Content at a glance. As you rewatch notable scenes from a selection of dramas and films, you can enjoy learning about each of their filming locations and attractions located all throughout Korea.

🗺️How to go to HiKR Ground

HiKR Ground is located right beside Cheonggyecheon, a stream flowing through downtown Seoul. Get off at Jonggak Station on Line 1 of the Seoul Subway, leave the station from Exit 5, and cross the bridge over Cheonggyecheon; you’ll find HiKR Ground right at the other end. The 1st and 5th floors of HiKR Ground are open from 10AM to 9PM. The 2nd through 4th floors are open from 10AM to 7PM, but close on Mondays. Remember to reference this information when crafting your itinerary. You don’t want to make the journey there, only to have to turn back!

Ⓒ The virtual space provided by HiKR Ground

Want to learn more about this place? Try browsing through HiKR Ground’s official homepage. You can take a virtual look around HiKR Ground – an experience that’s sure to match visiting the physical space itself!

🎤The greatest travel theme of the 21st century, the BTS Tour

BTS tour,’ which traces the routes taken by BTS, is an interesting travel theme for not only fans, but any traveler exploring Korea. And that’s because all the members of BTS are deeply ‘Korean’ artists as much as they are global stars. From music video filming sets to album jacket photoshoot locations , and even to restaurants frequented by BTS in their trainee days! Every important location passed through by BTS has been reborn as a hip tourist attraction. But it’s impossible to visit everything everywhere all at once, isn’t it? That’s why I’ve chosen two locations that are the cream of the crop when it comes to taking hip photos and capturing the ‘Korean mood.’

First up is the Hyangho Beach bus stop,🚏 famous as a filming location for the music video ‘Spring Day’ and the cover of the album ‘You Never Walk Alone.’ This bus stop was originally a film set installed in order to be photographed for the album jacket and was demolished immediately after filming. It was rebuilt in the same location, however, when fans began flocking to the spot like bees to honey. Previously unknown even to Koreans, Hyangho Beach has become a popular travel destination following its appearance on BTS’ album.

Next stop is Daejanggeum Park, the site where Agust D (BTS Suga)’s song ‘대취타(大吹打)[Dae-chui-ta]’ was filmed. A reproduction of Korea’s historical landscape, this location is Korea’s largest open film set. I’m quite confident that this tourist attraction would prove exciting for K-drama lovers as well. If you’re lucky, you might even witness a movie or drama being filmed right before your eyes!🎥

🗺️How to go to 향호해변(Hyangho Beach)

& 대장금 파크(Daejanggeum Park)

The Hyangho Beach bus stop is situated in Gangneung, a city in Gangwon province. Gangwon province is a region roughly 2 hours from Seoul by KTX. Hyangho Beach is located quite a distance away from the train station, so I recommend taking an intercity bus to Jumunjin Bus Terminal, even if it takes up a bit more of your time. From there, you can take either the City Bus No. 300 or a taxi to the ‘Spring Day’ bus stop.

Yongin Daejanggeum Park is a little closer to Seoul. Ride the EverLine train to Songdam College Station, then take the City Bus No. 105 to Daejanggeum Park. Take advantage of Korea’s convenient public transportation system, and have a ‘Dope’ BTS tour!😙

🖍️ Today’s 유행[yu-haeng]!

Summarized in three sentences

Today, we explored how and where to enjoy K-culture and K-content! Don’t The Hyundai Seoul, HiKR, and the BTS tour just fill you with excitement? I’ve tried to detail how to get to these places in a way that’s easy to comprehend, so I hope you’ll see checking them out as time well spent!

What kind of ‘Korea’ are you curious about?

Tell 민지[Minji] all about it!

If there’s a trendy spot or region you’d like to learn about in detail, let me know by clicking the button below! Tell me all about what content you’re interested in, just as you did in the issue ‘Calling all viewers of <The Glory>. Let’s review Part.1 together!’ My daily life these days consists of diligently looking up information about the content you’ve already mentioned to me.😁 And of course, that’s because I always want to tell you about the side of Korea that most interests you! What kind of ‘Korea’ tickles your fancy? I’ll be awaiting your responses with baited breath.💓

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From today onwards, ‘#Hipster’ will be a corner where I’ll feature my friends as they enjoy Korean culture in real-time! I’m sure you know that if you want to learn about and enjoy a nation’s culture, you’ll have to browse through some hashtags!

Today, let’s meet Leila, a French expat who’s already completed a very active journey throughout Korea!

#자전거여행(bicycle touring) #등산스타그램(hikingstagram)

*hikingstagram = hiking + instagram

Minji : Hi 레일라(Leila)! Nice to meet you! I noticed there are posts on your feed about going 🚲bicycle touring in Korea – that’s so cool! How did you end up traveling all the way from Paris to Korea in the first place?

Leila : Hey 민지[Minji]! I traveled with my friends for one month – we wanted to go on a cycling trip abroad for the first time. Korea seemed like the perfect place to go bicycle touring! It’s safe, the roads are flat for the most part, there are many cycle paths, the landscape is beautiful, the list goes on! I’d also already been to Seoul with friends in the past, and I enjoyed a lot. Needless to say, Korea easily became a travel destination.

Minji : I was also struck by the photos you took of your hiking trip up Bukhansan! The ‘Leila’ conveyed to me through your pictures is a pretty rad gal! How was Bukhansan?

Leila : Thanks! I went to Bukhansan with only one of my friends. I can’t express how great it was~ Hiking near Seoul and observing its vibrant landscape from afarhad actually been one of my goals. It was wonderful to walk below the orange foliage, but equally memorable was the actual ‘hiking’ I had to do when the road became steeper towards the end of the trail (this is even considering the fact that we’ve been hiking many times before, and that we’re even from the French Alps😂).

Minji : Wow, you really enjoyed hiking to the fullest! It seems you had a lot of special experiences while bicycle touring. What’s the most impressive experience you’ve had while in Korea?

Leila : I’ve created so many lovely memories with my friends, but one experience truly stands out. I was astonished by how safe Korea is. Even though we were cycling while carrying around our bags, none of our stuff ever got stolen. We were able to travel without worrying about losing our things. And what’s more, the Koreans we met were all super kind to us, ready whenever and wherever to provide support. Korea’s bike paths were a huge help as well!

Traversing Korea by following its cycle paths… Leila is a total icon. I’m sure enjoying K-culture and K-content alongside a trusty bike would be an unforgettable experience for anyone.

Alright folks, that’s it for today.

Today’s hashtags were

#자전거여행(bicycle touring)


I’ll be back with more hot and trendy tags next time!

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