The Genre That Became Its Own Jeon So-mi

Two years have passed since her previous album, and now JEON SOMI is back with her mini-album <GAME PLAN>. The title track, 'Fast Forward,' resonates with a vibrant deep house beat, brilliantly incorporating late 2000s' trendy tecktonik and voguing dance styles. It's fair to say it's the 2023 tecktonik sensation! Despite her young age, SOMI, who now receives respectful greetings even at broadcasting stations, has firmly established herself as a leading artist. Let's dive deep into the golden age of SOMI!

ⓒM Countdown

The stage performance of 'Fast Forward' has smashed records, with the music video surpassing a whopping 50 million views!

This comeback isn't just a testament to SOMI's pre-established fame but a concrete demonstration of her genuine talent. For a while, SOMI's reputation seemed to overshadow her musical endeavors. Yet, this time around, it seems like her fame and music activities have finally blended in together. Emphasizing that this is her first comeback in two years, it's clear how much dedication she poured into this album. The result? Captivating music that feels simultaneously fresh yet nostalgic, complemented by dazzling choreography, backup dancers, and stage outfits. Don't forget to check out other tracks in the album that span a multitude of genres. Especially, the catchy <GOLD GOLD GOLD>, blending rhythmic beats with SOMI's unique swagger, is highly recommended!


Various concepts in the mini-album <LOVE GAME>

Eight years into her idol journey, 22-year-old JEON SOMI!

Debuting in 2016 with I.O.I, SOMI's still-youthful age of 22 is now a hot topic of discussion. In reality, she began laying the foundation for her career even earlier, at 14. As a trainee under JYP Entertainment, SOMI showcased her potential during the auditions for selecting TWICE members in 'SIXTEEN'. Although she didn't make the final cut, she later participated in the massively popular idol survival show 'Produce 101' and clinched the top spot with aplomb. Looking back, all these experiences contributed to SOMI's impeccable singing, rapping, dancing, and unparalleled stage presence. And there's more! Whenever she appears on variety shows or talk shows, viewers inevitably find themselves more enchanted by her.

MBC Official YouTube

SOMI on the talk show <Radio Star>, revealing how she customizes her makeup and outfits according to different broadcasters' lighting conditions.

She recently graced <Radio Star>, one of Korea's most popular talk shows, wowing everyone with her sharp insights. Profoundly experienced from years in the industry, SOMI highlighted differences in stage lighting among broadcasting stations and how she adjusts her makeup and outfits accordingly. This proved how she’s a 일잘러 (일 잘하는 사람/Person who’s good at doing their job), revealing her love and dedication for what she does and the goals she's sprinting towards.

SOMI Speaks Well and Even Has a Lovely Personality

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Close friendship between HyunA and SOMI

As a representative ENFP in the idol industry, SOMI is known for her close ties with members from other idol groups. Notably, aespa's Giselle and TWICE's Chaeyoung. Interestingly, she is also a 찐친 (진짜 친한 친구/ A real close friend) of HyunA, a senior in the industry based on their debut years. Does her MBTI-associated empathy play a role? Whether she's talking to anyone, she easily creates a comfortable atmosphere and keeps the conversation going, highlighting her unique charm. This charm is also evident in her interviews with Hollywood stars like Margot Robbie and America Ferrera.

TEO YouTube

Thumbnail of the web show 'Yes or Hot' featuring SOMI as the main MC

A Well-Trained Idol and a Free-Spirited Artist

As you may know, the Korean idol industry is very systematic. Many idols undergo intensive training in dance, singing, acting, and even foreign languages for a long time before their debut. SOMI is no exception. She endured rigorous training and fierce competition to debut, making her a testament to the K-pop idol debut process that the whole nation witnessed. But isn't it fascinating? There's an undeniable sense of freedom with SOMI that makes you almost forget about her background. This liberty doesn't merely stem from her multicultural identity, being born to a Canadian father and a Korean mother. Despite living a life constantly under scrutiny and judgment as an idol, there's a unique confidence and freedom radiating from her, rooted in her consistent growth and achievements in the path she's chosen.


SOMI <Gold Gold Gold> Music Video


SOMI, who gained fame from a young age, has now firmly established herself as a prominent solo artist. At a glance, she seems destined for stardom, but her journey hasn't always been smooth. In the idol scene, where one lives and dies by their image, she had to switch agencies multiple times to find her unique color. Through all the challenges, SOMI's resilience and bravery in forging ahead are truly admirable. Her recent activities, which encapsulate multifaceted growth, have assured a legacy that will be celebrated in K-pop history. Let's continue to cheer for SOMI on her journey!


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