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Screenshot of BLACKPINK’s Jennie introducing TAMBURINS hand cream ‘000’

Good morning!

Hello! 유행[Yuhaeng]’s 민지[Minji] here bearing the sweet aromas of Korea. Do you have an essential item you make sure to carry with you wherever you go? (Besides your phone!) For me, this used to be my wallet, but now that I’ve moved towards using my smartphone as a digital wallet, this essential item has changed. Can you guess what ‘this item’ is?🤚

It’s no longer a choice, but a necessity!

What’s something you absolutely must have in dry weather and has become all the more important since we’ve become more vigorous about hand washing in the pandemic era? That’s right, it’s ‘hand cream!’ At first, I thought of hand cream as simply another daily necessity, but as I’ve begun using it more often, I’ve fallen in love with the adventure of picking and choosing fragrances and brands. Now, it’s become an item I mindfully select according to my preferences and the season, no different from how I choose my perfume and lipstick. Looking at how fierce the competition among hand cream brands and boutiques have become, I’m convinced I’m not the only one who thinks this way.😉 When it comes time to purchase hand cream, either for myself or as gifts for friends, there are of course the premium brands consistently in the run for top spot: Aēsop, L'Occitane, Jo Malone London. But even among those established brands, the hottest products at the moment come from a relative newcomer, ‘TAMBURINS.’



TAMBURINS Pop-up Store in Seongsu

You’re telling me it’s made by a sunglasses company?

‘TAMBURINS’ is actually a fragrance brand created by the parent company ‘GENTLE MONSTER,’ widely known for their sunglasses. As is fitting of a brand renowned for developing sensory designs and experimental spatial experiences, ‘TAMBURINS’ product designs are unique and beautiful. All products are accompanied with information about their three main fragrance notes, and I think the harmony between the abstract beauty of their fragrances and their clearly articulated compositions gives ‘TAMBURINS’ products their distinctive appeal. Even as I might feel a certain distance from the brand due to its packaging and store displays🪅, which call to mind works of art and exhibition spaces respectively, the brand immediately draws me into a state of comfort and familiarity when I read their product descriptions referencing recognizable aromas from flowers, fruits, forest, and sea.🌿


Lately, I’ve become smitten with ‘TAMBURINS’ hand sanitizer, which is so moisturizing that I don’t even need hand cream after using it.

This is my favorite scent.

My most cherished item right now is a hand sanitizer called ‘712.’ Just the other day, I visited a trendy café with a friend and noticed they were furnished with hand sanitizer from ‘TAMBURINS.’ Remembering how nice its scent was, I couldn’t help but buy a new one for myself! The product’s scent profile is composed of the herb ‘patchouli,’ ‘bitter grass stem,’ and ‘smokiness.’ What do you think – can’t you just imagine the fragrance wafting through your screen? Although trends sometimes feel like an intangible and fleeting illusion, there are moments like this where, hidden underneath, there is something with the potential to awaken vivid and distinct sensations within us.🤩

Well then, I hope your day is filled with the fresh and invigorating aromas of the world around us, and I’ll see you in the next issue!


TAMBURINS Pop-up Store in Seongsu

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