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아이브(IVE), a multinational girl group that released

their first studio album three years after their debut

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Hi! It’s 민지[Minji], purveyor of the latest news from Korea. If you’ve been following 유행[Yuhaeng] since our first issue, today marks our tenth day together. Thank you so much for sticking with us.🥰

Today, in hopes of bringing us closer together, I’ve decided to focus on a common topic of interest that’s special for its ability to be shared and understood almost instantly:
‘music.’ Have you listened to 아이브(IVE)’s new song <I am>?🎵 The song, which is the title track of 아이브(IVE)’s first studio album, has been receiving a lot of attention not only in Korea, but throughout Asia and beyond.

Screenshot of the lyrics to 아이브(IVE)’s new song <I am>

It may be the first,

but it’s certainly not out of the blue!

Ever since their debut, most of 아이브(IVE)’s promoted tracks have explored stories about love.💓 But the fact that this studio album’s title track concentrates on the ‘self’ shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise. While 아이브(IVE)’s members, who were all in their teens at the time of their debut, naturally possess a “girlish” vibe, they also never shy away from embodying a powerful and confident image. In fact, this very image became the basis upon which they encourage self-love and independence, even when in love with someone else.

The last line of their debut song <ELEVEN>, a track which captures the excitement and tension of a budding romance, is, ‘The reflection of me in those eyes, I fell in love.’ The speaker here isn’t someone who has a one-track mind for another person, but one who remains true to her own feelings. Their next song <LOVE DIVE> repeats this refrain: ‘Narcissistic, my god I love it.’ It’s an honest acknowledgement and expression of the way people in love often become intoxicated not only by the people they’re in love with, but the image of their very own selves in love. In <After Like>, member Gaeul sings, ‘You know what my strength is? It’s that I’m honest,’ and asks the object of her interest to reciprocate by telling her their honest feelings.

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The album covers of the singles and

studio albums released by IVE in order from top left


In this way, the love that IVE sings of has always been predicated on not losing oneself to love and always maintaining a confident image. And that’s why when IVE hones in on the ‘self’ in their newest title track, it comes across as a positive and natural progression. The lyrics don’t conjure up the image of someone turning inwards after suffering a broken heart or becoming skeptical of love, but of an individual truly aware of their own value. IVE’s unique charm lies in their ability to exude an endearing and girlish charm while at the same time walking to the rhythm of their own drum with confidence and playfulness. Surely this must be the reason why IVE is so beloved by the younger generation, a group which places value in pursuing an image true to the ‘self’ rather than conforming to someone else’s standards. Give the song a listen and let us know what you think.🎵


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